11 Essential Apps for Road Warriors In 2015

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11 Essential Apps for Road Warriors In 2015

If you drive a lot for work, you likely have a road kit that includes your preferred chargers, smart devices, favorite water bottle or travel mug. Maybe even a portable pizza maker so you can bake a delicious snack on the way to your next appointment.

11 Apps for Road Warriors

To compliment your devices, we’ve rounded up 11 essential apps for you to use on the road (but not while driving please!) to help you get where you’re going, save money and have a little fun on the way. Gentlemen (and ladies), start your devices…

MileIQ Mileage Tracking App


Automatic mileage tracking deductions & reimbursement.

Download here The only app that will help you make money while you drive. MileIQ is a mileage tracking app that’s part of a new breed of “invisible” app that works while you drive. It runs in the background on your phone and detects, logs and calculates the value of your business drives as you go about your day. All you have to do is tell it which of your drives are personal and which are business. As the app learns your routes it start classifying your drives for you. All you need to do is claim your business mileage deduction from the IRS or your mileage reimbursement from your employer.

GasBuddy app


A list of local gas prices to help you find the nearest and cheapest gas.

Download hereYou know where to go to get the best gas prices where you live, but what about when you’re out on the road? GasBuddy comes to the rescue by helping you find the cheapest gas nearest you or searching by zip code. If you find a particularly good price on your route, you can share it with other users and you get points and awards you can use in return. You can even win $100 in gas every day! GasBuddy has a great network of users so the chances of finding accurate prices and saving money in the process are excellent. No use to you if you drive a Tesla but helpful for the rest of us.

Automatic app


Get drive information from your car to improve your driving habits.

Download herePlug the Automatic link adapter into the OBD-II port on your car and connect it to your phone to gain access to your car’s data. Once connected you can review your acceleration and braking habits to improve your driving and save money. Automatic will also help you decode your engine light if it comes on and find a nearby mechanic if you need one. It will help you remember where you parked your car. In the event of an accident Automatic will connect you to a live agent to get help. With better information comes better decision making and that’s what Automatic is all about.

Roadtripper app


Discover, plan and navigate your next road trip.

Download hereIf you like discovering new and out-of-the-way places along the way, then Roadtrippers might be for you. There are two basic ways to use Roadtrippers. Search along a route you’re already on or plan a trip in advance to help you find the best route. Either method lets you find things like:

  • accommodation
  • arts & culture
  • food & drink
  • outdoors & recreation
  • camping & RV
  • entertainment & nightlife
  • places of interest.

Roadtrippers offers themed guides — like Film Spotting — that tour you around famous movie set locations. They also provide turn by turn directions for your trips and let you create your own blog posts about your travels. Roadtrippers takes the hassle out of planning your next road trip, while discovering things you might not have found on your own.

Overcast app


Podcast player with a simple UI and some smart, user friendly features.

Download hereIf you like expanding your wisdom while on the road then definitely take a listen to Overcast. It’s a great way to find your existing podcasts and discover a few new ones. What sets Overcast apart are its smart features. Voice Boost enhances and normalizes volume across podcasts. Adjustable playback speed lets you listen at your own pace and the adjustable forward and back button let you jump around your podcast in case you missed something. These are just a few of the killer features that make Overcast indispensable. Find out the rest for yourself.

Spotify app


Listen to your favorite tunes and discover new ones.

Download hereOne of the better known streaming music services that offers a large catalog of music for your listening pleasure. Not only can you find your favorites but Spotify does a solid job of offering you a variety of different ways to discover new music. From recommendations to channels to alerts and updates about artists you follow. You can create Pandora like radio stations too. You might not be able to find Taylor Swift on Spotify any more but you can find pretty much everyone else.

Elevate app


A brain trainer that helps you develop productivity, brain power and self-confidence.

Download hereYou might be pretty fit but do you work out your brain? Elevate helps you develop 25 essential brain skills that will sharpen your mind and hone your thinking. Elevate is vitamins for your gray matter. We don’t recommend you do this while you’re driving, but when you have a few minutes, it’s a great way to keep your brain tuned up. Elevate helps you choose the areas you want to focus on, say name recall, conversion and brevity. It then tailors a program specific to those skills and then scores and tracks your progress. Best of all it’s structured like a game so while it might be a mental challenge it’s also way fun!

On My Way app

OMW (on my way)

Share your location and estimated time of arrival.

Download hereOn My Way (OMW) lets others know if you’re on time for your meeting and how close you are. All you do is say where you’re headed to, then share your trip via email, text, Twitter or shared link. Trip followers can see how you’re doing on your route and your estimated time of arrival. Once you arrive, OMW will stop tracking and let trip followers know you’ve arrived. You can use OMW to share your location with head office, your upcoming appointments or with loved ones who want to know when you’ll be home. It’s a convenience for both sides of the meeting equation and an added level of security for you.

Hotel Tonight app

Hotel Tonight

Find last-minute, discounted hotel rooms nearby.

Download hereHotel Tonight answers the age old question – what do hotels do with their unsold rooms every night? If you’re looking for a great, last minute deal on a hotel room, Hotel Tonight is the app you need. You can search across categories like Basic, Hip and Luxe to find the style of place you prefer and book your last minute room in just a few taps. You can also see the top three reasons why users like a hotel and of course, get the best discount rates around. Discount rates post after noon each day or you can use the app to book regular rates in advance. Give Hotel Tonight a try for your hotel… tonight.

Radarcast app


Weather reports that can save your life.

Download hereUndoubtedly one of the most comprehensive weather apps around. For road warriors one of the best features is driving directions that avoid bad weather. You’ll also appreciate future-cast that shows HD radar predictions an hour ahead. Rain start and stop times for any location and push notifications that keep you updated along your route are also helpful. These are just a few of the driver related features available in Radarcast but there are plenty of others. Tornado and hurricane warnings could help you avoid a very bad day of driving. Put Radarcast on your radar in 2015.

Waze app


GPS navigation with crowd-sourced road reports.

Download hereWaze is unique in it’s ability to combine great GPS navigation with real-time updates from other drivers. Whether you’re going across town or cross country, Waze helps you figure out what you need to avoid. Reports can include:

  • road conditions
  • accidents
  • hazards
  • speed traps
  • road closures
  • animal sightings

and pretty much anything you can imagine. Not only can you see what other people are posting but you can post and add your own updates to help the community out. It’s what Waze is all about. Newer features let you see your Facebook friends routes to a common destination or sharing your route with friends and family (ala OMW). Give Waze a try and you might be able to shave 10 minutes off your regular route. Maybe you won’t be late for that meeting after all.

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