Thanks for being part of MileIQ for Tax Pros. As part of this program, you get exclusive access to useful tax information to send your clients, as well as the ability to offer them a significant discount on MileIQ.

This post will show you how to easily download Five Ways To Lower Your Taxes Before Year-End and how to put your unique promo code on it. This is a must-read for any of your self-employed clients.

Download Five Ways To Lower Taxes Before Year-End

Tip: Save the PDF somewhere you’ll remember, like in your Documents or on the Desktop. It should save with a name like “Five Ways To Lower Taxes Before Year-End” but feel free to change the name if it’s easier for you to remember.

Add Your Promo Code

By adding a promo code to this guide, you can save your clients 20 percent off the annual cost of a premium MileIQ subscription. Because it’s your unique promo code, your clients will know that you’re the one getting them a discount.

To add your promo code:

      • Open the PDF file on your computer.
      • Move Your Cursor to the space available for your unique promo code and click
      • Enter your unique promo code
      • Save the document to your computer.

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Sending to Your Clients

We recommend emailing them Five Ways To Lower Your Taxes Before Year-End with your unique promo code. You can also print out this guide and mail it to clients or hand it to them when you see them.

To email to your clients, simply click on the Attach File button on the email client of your choosing, select Five Ways To Lower Your Taxes Before Year-End and then fill out the rest of the email.

Tip: Some potential subject lines you can use:

      • Tax Savings Tips Before The End of 2016
      • How To Lower Your 2016 Tax Bill

Tip: Here is an examples you can use for the body of the email (copy the text below and paste it into your email):

Hi there,

I want to make sure your tax bill is as low as possible. This handout offers five tips you can do before the year ends to lower your tax bill. .

I’ve also included an exclusive discount for MileIQ, which is the easiest way to ensure you’re accurately tracking your miles (here’s how to redeem a promo code).

All the best,


How to Redeem a Promo Code

IMPORTANTPromo codes are currently only redeemable from the MileIQ website.  Unfortunately, promo codes cannot be entered in the mobile app, and as such, cannot be applied, or the difference refunded, later. We apologize for any inconvenience.

To take advantage of a MileIQ promo code:

    • Log into your account at (use the same email & password as the app) from a desktop or notebook computer.
    • Click the yellow “Get unlimited drives” button at the top of screen.
    • Choose a plan and enter the promo code “YOURCODE” (case sensitive and no quotation marks).  Note that you YOURCODE is not a valid code; you need to enter the promo code you have received.
    • Enter payment info, checkout, and watch your miles add up!
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