We’re very pleased to announce our newest feature, Auto-Resume. You can now pause drive detection and logging, and set it to auto-resume at a date and time of your choosing.

Get Pause with Auto-Resume Now

In order to take advantage of the new “Auto-Resume” feature, you’ll need the most current version of MileIQ from either iTunes or Google Play.

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Perhaps you’re heading out of town for the weekend and don’t want to log your trip. You can now pause logging, set it to auto-resume on Monday morning at 6am and relax. You don’t have to remember to un-pause and risk losing valuable drives. Have a nice weekend, we’ll see you bright and early Monday morning ready to log your miles!

To learn more about Pausing and Auto-Resume, take a look at our How to: Pause Automatic Drive Detection article.

With great (Auto-Resume) power, comes great responsibility

As we introduce Auto-Resume we feel it our duty to caution you about the use of your new powers. When claiming a mileage deduction, the IRS requires you to submit a log for all of the business miles you drive AND account for your commuting and personal miles. When you pause automatic drive detection, you may be excluding those miles and risk incomplete records come tax time. Please use your new powers judiciously and consider IRS mileage log compliance as you pause MileIQ.

Try out Pause and Auto-Resume in MileIQ today »

Joshua Brost

Joshua Brost

Joshua Brost handles the content and communication at MileIQ. When he's not busy talking to reporters and bloggers, he can usually be found plotting how he's going to survive the zombie apocalypse, cooking something fancy or cursing at a new gadget that's not working the way he intended.
Joshua Brost