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We’re thrilled to speak with Jay Scales, founder of Area 61 Records. Learn about the challenges of the music business, as well as app recommendations he has for business owners.

Tell us about your business. What does a typical day look like for you?

I’m Jay Scales, the executive producer and founder at Area 61 Records. We are a record label/production company based in South Louisiana.  On a typical day, I’m in the studio majority of the time, especially during the week. On weekends, I could be anywhere! Usually I’m attending a show or meeting artists and clients.

How many miles do you drive in a typical week? Where do you drive as part of your job?

I usually drive anywhere between 300-500 miles a week. If I’m not going to a show or to meet an artist, I’m going to another studio in a different city.

What’s changed since you started using MileIQ?

Before MileIQ, I had no way of keeping track of my mileage and how to separate personal travel from business travel. Also, MileIQ has opened my eyes to how much travel I can actually expense when it comes to tax time.

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What other apps do you recommend to other small business owners? What’s the biggest challenge you face running your business, and how do you address it?

The biggest challenge I have right now is communicating and following up with everyone being in different locations. One app that has been helping is an app called “Hangouts.” It’s great for quick meetings and follow-ups. You can schedule a meeting right from your phone. It’s almost like a cool Webex/FaceTime collaboration.

What do you enjoy the most about the kind of work you do?

I love being able to help artists express their emotions. I love the connection an artist has with their producer. It amazes me that two people with different gifts can come together in one moment to create something that other people enjoy. Everything’s a win-win.

What tip would you share with other business owners?

Don’t let anything distract from your initial reason for starting your business. You started your business because you realized you could make money from something you’re truly passionate about. Don’t sacrifice that for anything.

Where can people learn more about your business?

You can find us on Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter! Just search: Area 61 Records

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Marin Perez

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