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We’re thrilled to speak with Sarah and Adrian, of Waldo Midcentury. The husband-and-wife team have a furniture business that brings retro and industrial styling to your house. The team uses its gorgeous Instagram account to do the heavy lifting when it comes to marketing.

Tell us about your business. What does a typical day look like for you?

We (Sarah and Adrian) are a husband-and-wife team with former lives in the Millwork Engineering, Apartment Design and Marketing fields.  Although we both love what we did, we hated the time clock and both fostered a serious love for picking and being scavengers.

We love waking up, throwing on our boots and jeans and spending the next few hours driving to remote auctions, barns and basements to drag back the best mid-century and industrial goods we can find. We don’t believe you should have to pay exorbitant prices to have a well designed home and try to sell affordable, quality pieces.

A few days a week we make deliveries and the rest of the time we’re out picking or focused on renovating our own home that we’ve gutted down to the studs here in Waldo, Wisconsin and are building it back up piece by piece. Just like that Kelly Clarkson song, but without the sadness.

How many miles do you drive in a typical week? Where do you drive as part of your job?

In a typical week we put 400-500 miles on our truck. Because the competition is fierce in our area being just north of the Milwaukee and Chicago markets, we have to travel a bit further to find the best deals. I’d rather be able to supply folks with furniture and accessories they can actually afford and when the only downfall is spending a few more hours in the car listening to bad pop music, it works out ok. However, I’m pretty sure I can school any teenager on Taylor Swift lyrics at this point in time.

We tend to pick from Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Indiana and Michigan and Missouri. We keep our eye on the entire Midwest, but that’s where our tires tread most often!

What’s changed since you started using MileIQ

Everything! Because we are in and out of the car so often and switching vehicles and trailers and are ALWAYS on the move, keeping logs for mileage was ridiculously frustrating.

I mean, truth be told, I’ve had the same load of laundry sitting in our washer unattended for two days because other things came up — how on EARTH are we supposed to be trusted to keep logs between multiple vehicles, receipts, spreadsheets — yeah right! Since our phones go with us, our trips might back up, but it’s easy enough to sit and swipe when we’re on the go and all those steps are done for us!

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What other apps do you recommend to other small business owners?

Our business is fueled by a small handful of things. First, MileIQ. Duh. The second, Snapseed for photo editing—our photos would never come to life without it. Often we stop to grab a photo of a piece on the way home and it’s edited before we pull back in the driveway!

The third is a mixed bag of lightly salted roasted almonds and wasabi almonds from Trader Joes. Seriously, it’s the best and truth be told, we don’t use too many apps as our phones are filled with thousands of photos of side tables and chairs. Like the creepy guy at the gas station who wants to show you pictures of his cats, but we do that with coffee tables. It’s a sickness.

Note: they didn’t want head shots run because they don’t want to tip off the competition at furniture auctions.

Marin Perez

Marin Perez

Marin is part of the marketing team at MileIQ. He's excited to see how entrepreneurs are using tools like MileIQ and Spend to be more successful. When not working, he's thinking about his next trip.
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