If you get or pay out mileage reimbursements, you likely receive questions about taxes. Let’s dive into if a mileage reimbursement is taxable income.

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Is Mileage Reimbursement Taxable?

Employees don’t have to pay taxes on mileage reimbursements with an accountable plan. An accountable plan includes expense allowances that has these requirements:

  • Has business connections
  • Requires substantiation
  • You return excess amounts in a reasonable time.

Does A Company Have To Use The Standard Mileage Rate for Reimbursement?

No. There is no federal law setting a mileage reimbursement rate. California and Massachusetts do have laws meaning you must offer a reimbursement. Also, many businesses use the standard mileage rate to set their reimbursement amounts.

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Can You Claim A Deduction If You Don’t Receive A Reimbursement?

For the 2017 tax returns, yes. You can claim un-reimbursed expenses like mileage on your taxes. But, this only applies if you itemize your deductions and the total amount exceeds 2 percent of your Adjusted Gross Income.

Starting with the 2018 tax year, this deduction is going away. If you drive a personal vehicle for business reasons, you may want to consider talking with your employers about a direct reimbursement or allowance.

How Should You Track Mileage For Reimbursement?

A solution like MileIQ for Teams is an ideal way for businesses to handle mileage reimbursement programs. It uses automatic mileage tracking and standardized digital reports. This leads to:

  • Cost Savings: Employees are reimbursed accurately for their mileage.
  • Increased Productivity: Mobile workers are focusing on their jobs, not logging miles
  • Improved Compliance: Standardized records stand up to IRS and financial scrutiny.

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