Being self-employed is something that you may have spent years dreaming about. You have probably even spent time imagining that you could ditch the 9-5, be your own boss and have plenty of time to spend with your family. Those who are already self-employed know the truth: finding balance once you are the boss is much more difficult than expected.

Making Quality Time When There Seems to Be No Time

When you are self-employed, you are the boss. This means that you need to focus on the big picture. It is up to you to make sure that your company is a success.

This new type of responsibility can feel heavy, overwhelming and even a little scary. It drives some to stay up late at night crunching numbers. It sends others into the home office on weekends to make sure loose ends are tied up.

Still, others feel the urge to constantly check their email in case an emergency arises. Before too long, many realize that being self-employed is a round-the-clock position.

The reality of how much time you must spend to make your own business successful can be a hard one. Once you may have dreamed about quality family time. Now you may be wondering how to find any spare time at all.

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Balancing Work and Family Just Got Easier

The good news is that balance is possible when you are self-employed. The better news is that you don’t have to figure it out by trial and error. Here are some shared tips for balancing your work and family life:

Set A Routine

Are there times of day when certain types of work such as emails or client calls must take place? What time of day do you feel is most important to spend with your family? Evaluate these questions to get a clearer picture of your perfect routine. Make sure you take advantage of the times of day when you are naturally more productive.

Scheduling difficult tasks during this time can help you make sure they actually get done quickly. You can set up a routine that works best for you, and for your family.

List Your Priorities

Making a comprehensive list of your priorities. Hanging it where you will be sure to see it often helps, too. For instance, if family is near the top of your list, you will be more likely to call it a day in order to spend time with them. Other listed items will help ensure your priorities are always within view and within reach.

Accept Flexibility

Even though a good routine is important, remember not to set it in stone. What use is being your own boss if you can’t take time off for important family events? Spending time outside of work can really help you regain perspective and feel refreshed.

Create Boundaries

It is possible to crash and burn while you are trying to do it all. For your sanity, and your business success, make sure you set up clear boundaries. Maybe this means you stick to a specific quitting time each day. Or perhaps it means that your family agrees not to come into your office during your work hours. Clear boundaries will help everyone involved enjoy your self-employment just a little more.

Remember to Enjoy

Take a deep breath and remember to enjoy yourself. Take a minute and let your mind drift to the time when you wanted to be your own boss. Remember the feelings of excitement that drove you to this successful place. Then open your eyes and find ways to enjoy the challenge.

Proper Work-Family Balance Will Benefit Your Business

The outcome of using extra time and energy to create a balance between work and family can pay off nicely. Once you put the advice from other self-employed individuals into place, you may even find that you are less stressed. One study even found that self-employed individuals are three times happier than those who still work for someone else.

Your overall satisfaction and happiness level is sure to show. Your happiness may even be able to attract more customers. With these tips, it’s utterly possible for the self-employed to create the proper work-life balance.

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Jennifer Yaniz

Jennifer Yaniz

Jennifer Yaniz is a Paid Search Manager at HawkSEM who has 10+ years of online marketing experience with a specialization in paid search, social media, search engine optimization, web development and project management. Her extensive knowledge encompasses a variety of different verticals including SaaS, telecom, healthcare, education, insurance, travel, information technology, tourism and e-commerce.
Jennifer Yaniz