Privacy at MileIQ by Microsoft

Last Revised: May 14, 2018

MileIQ by Microsoft Principles

"Your data, powering your experiences, controlled by you." We adhere to CEO Satya Nadella's words and the principles of Microsoft privacy while delivering the mileage logging you enjoy. MileIQ recognizes that using our service is a choice you make, and you can change your mind at any time. If you need assistance with cancelling your subscription or deleting your account, please reach out to

How it Works

When you create an account, the onboarding screens provide guidance around collecting location data and optimizing your device for drive detection. The app runs in the background to detect drives based on the movement of your mobile device, so there is no need to press a start or stop button. You can customize the hours you work, location names and more, to make identifying and classifying drives easier. You can classify drives as business or personal (or delete them altogether) from the mobile app or the web dashboard. When you need to share drives, whether it's for taxes, employer reimbursement or other records, you can create a report and share it by email. Using MileIQ is subject to our Terms of Service.

Automatic drive detection is dependent on factors you control (such as location services and battery usage) as well as factors outside of your control (such as no cellular reception). Best practices include enabling location services, avoiding force-quitting the app or pausing drive detection, staying up-to-date with the latest OS on your device, optimizing low battery settings and staying logged in to the app. You can learn more about drive detection best practices and how to avoid missed drives at the MileIQ Help Center.

Data: Safety and How to Delete It

What Data Is Collected?

MileIQ collects location information to provide you with drive data whenever you are logged in to the app and have location services turned on and available. Additional telemetry around how you interact with the app (what buttons are/aren't pushed, etc.) is collected to provide troubleshooting and improve the user experience. If you do not want drive data collected, you can pause, log out of or delete the app. Logging out or deleting the app also stops additional telemetry from being collected.

While you must input an email address and password to create an account and use MileIQ, providing the following information is optional:

Where is Data Stored?

The data collected as part of the MileIQ application is stored in the United States. Microsoft is deemed to provide adequate protections to EU users in accordance with the EU-U.S. and Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield Frameworks.

All drives, classified or unclassified, can be viewed at the web dashboard or the mobile app by going to the menu and tapping All Drives.

If you choose to report and share your drive data with a third party, it is no longer under our control or subject to our data security. This includes choosing to report via integrations on the web dashboard with Concur, Freshbooks and Xero, sending a report via email or any time a report is downloaded.

How is my Data Secure?

We abide by Microsoft’s Privacy Principles and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We do not sell or trade your data. We do collect and provide it to you to meet your mileage log needs and improve how MileIQ works according to the Microsoft Privacy Statement.

How Can I Delete my Data?

Account, Named Locations and Custom Purposes deletions can be requested via support at Deletion requests will be honored within 30 days of receipt acknowledgement by our support team. Drives, Work Hours, reports, notes, tolls and parking can be deleted via the mobile app and/or web dashboard.