Earn up to $2,500 by inviting your friends
to MileIQ.

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    Send friends 20% off
    an annual plan

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    You get $25 for every
    friend who upgrades*

*Referral Terms & Conditions

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Anyone with a valid MileIQ account can participate and benefit from the MileIQ referral program.

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Friends get 20% off their annual MileIQ
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And you get $25 for each friend who upgrades
to an annual subscription!

We’ll send you a $25 TangoCard for each friend who
upgrades. TangoCards can be redeemed at many top-name
brands or for charitable donations.

This app paid for a year in the first month. I’ve
tried several times to log my miles on paper and
it was such a hassle, I decided I’d rather pay
taxes. But this is simple, nearly effortless, and
actually kind of fun.

-JBrost, Android user

For more detailed information on how to refer
and our program in general, please visit our
Help Center.

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