Meet MileIQ.

Your 2016 Tax Hero.

Automatic detection. One-swipe classification. Mileage logging has never been easier.

Feature Spotlight

Automatic Logging
Automatic Logging

Log automatically.

No buttons to push, no start or stop needed. MileIQ remembers your drives so you don’t have to.

Swipe to Classify
Swipe to Classify

Classify effortlessly.

All it takes is a swipe. Give your drive a purpose, and MileIQ will tell you its value.

Robust Reporting
Robust Reporting

Report confidently.

With your mileage log literally at your fingertips, deduct or expense miles with total peace of mind.

What's New

the blog.

If you drive your car or other vehicle for business purposes, you can take a mileage deduction of 54 cents for every mile you drive for work ...

Earn up to $2,500 by inviting your friends to MileIQ.

Anyone with a valid MileIQ account can participate and benefit from the MileIQ referral program.