How It Works

MileIQ remembers
your drives so
you don't have to.

Fifty-five million U.S. workers can deduct or expense the miles they drive. If you’re one of them, you want MileIQ along for the ride.

Catch every mile automatically.

Automatic Logging

Automatic drive detection makes it easy to capture every mile you drive. Say goodbye to the headache of manually logging every trip. Goodbye to the heartache of leaving dollars on the table when you forget. Hello to the ease of automatic mileage tracking.

  • Automatic drive capture
  • Accurate & reliable tracking
  • Comprehensive mileage log
  • Minimal battery use
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    It Just Works.

  • MileIQ works perfectly. I don't even have to think about what it's doing or when it should be doing it. That's the biggest benefit of all.— pd20171

Classify every drive effortlessly.

Easy Classification

Give your drives a purpose; a swipe is all it takes. Mark them as business, personal, medical, charity or any custom category you wish. Log any additional details you need for reporting mileage expenses to your employer or deducting mileage on your tax return.

  • One-swipe drive classification
  • Standard & custom purposes
  • Additional drive details (vehicles, parking, tolls & notes)
  • Bulk & automatic classification options
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    Exactly What I’ve Wanted...

  • No more guessing or hoping I got my log correct or worrying about mistakes in a potential audit. I just wish I had found it sooner.— Danny B.

Personalize to your heart’s content.

Personalized Experience

No set-up is needed to start enjoying the magic of automatic mileage tracking. When you’re ready to personalize, you can set your preferences, add the vehicles, purposes and locations that define your driving and let MileIQ cater to your needs.

  • Vehicles & odometer readings
  • Editable mileage rates & units
  • Work hours & custom drive purposes
  • Email & notification preferences
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    Saves You Money

  • This is a very user-friendly tool that starts saving you money the moment you turn the key. — Jerome A.

See what your miles are worth. (Hint: A lot.)

Robust Reporting

MileIQ automatically calculates the value of your drives, and at 54 cents/mile — the 2016 IRS standard mileage rate — it adds up FAST. You’ll have your complete drive history stored securely in the cloud, making it easy to provide detailed mileage logs any time to your employer, your accountant and, yes, even the IRS if they should ever ask.

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Trusted Service

You can depend on MileIQ.

You have better things to do than worry. With MileIQ, you can be confident that your drive data is accurate, complete and safeguarded by financial-grade security and an unwavering commitment to your privacy. If you ever need anything, our friendly and responsive support team is easy to reach and happy to help.

  • Data privacy
  • Secure cloud storage
  • No ads (even on free versions)
  • Timely, responsive support
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Simple Pricing

Ready to see for yourself?

Try MileIQ for free, then pick the plan that works for you. All include automatic tracking, secure storage and the full MileIQ feature set. The Limited plan gives you access to your first 40 drives every month; with a Monthly or Annual plan you can view, edit and report on every drive you take.

Every plan includes the MileIQ promise:

  • All versions of our apps are ad-free
  • Your data is never sold or shared
  • Your drive history is secure and available when you need it