The Great Gas Card Giveaway 2017 is now over and we’re thrilled to be able to showcase some of the winners. Ben B. was the winner for March and this sales leader should be able to put the $1,300 worth of gasoline gift cards to good use.

Meet Ben B.

Ben is a sales manager for Aptive Environmental, one of the fastest-growing pest control companies in the world. His team is based in the Los Angeles area and that means lots of time on the road for work.

“As a manager, I’m now putting in around 20,000-25,000 business miles just throughout the summer,” Ben told MileIQ. “I will probably add another 10,000-15,000 miles throughout the recruiting year.”

Ben first started using MileIQ because a manager suggested it. He was an “old-school paper type of guy” before that. Ben said using MileIQ has been the best decision ever … even before he won The Great Gas Card Giveaway.

“My whole sales team is now adopting MileIQ because it’s so much better than doing a paper setup,” Ben said. “Not using MileIQ last year was one of my biggest regrets.”

When not working, Ben has a wide variety of interests. He volunteers at a local children’s hospital and dresses up like Captain America to cheer up kids. He says it’s “one of the most enriching things that I do.” Ben also considers himself an avid outdoorsman who loves hiking, hunting, fishing and camping.

While the Great Gas Card Giveaway is over, you can still earn up to $2,500 by inviting your friends to MileIQ. Simply refer a friend to an annual plan—they’ll get 20 percent off and you get $25 for each person who signs up.

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Marin Perez

Marin Perez

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