We’re thrilled to announce that you can now start using MileIQ with Xero to make handling your mileage much easier. This partnership makes it simple to handle your mileage for reimbursements or deductions.

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Why Are MileIQ and Xero Partnering

We partnered with Xero for a simple reason: their mission is similar to ours. Xero is committed to using innovative technology to help business owners get real-time visibility of their financial position and performance in a way that’s simple, smart and secure. MileIQ aims to make mundane administrative tasks hassle-free.

Thanks to a new integration, you can use your MileIQ mileage data with Xero products. This gives you all the information you’d need for a mileage reimbursement or deduction in a single place.

How To Use MileIQ With Xero

It’s easy to use MileIQ with Xero:

  • Drive like you normally would and let MileIQ automatically log your miles
  • When you want a report, log into your MileIQ Web Dashboard with the same email and password you use for the app
  • Select the drives you want to submit to Xero
  • Click the green “Report” button
  • Choose Xero from the list of “Send as” report options
  • Select the “Authorize Xero” button
  • Log in and authenticate your Xero account
  • Select the organization to report, then click “Allow Access”
  • You can now report MileIQ data directly into your Xero account

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MileIQ for Xero Advisors

If you’re a Xero Advisor, you should really check out our MileIQ for Xero Advisors program. We offer Xero Advisors special discounts to offer their clients, a MileIQ Premium Subscription and more.

The Road Ahead

We’re always looking for ways to make it easier for you to get the most out of your miles. Whether it’s new intelligence features that make classifying drives easier or partnership like this one, you can be sure MileIQ is only getting better and better.

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Marin Perez

Marin Perez

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